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SKU: YM-8009

LAVANY® Paraffin Wax Warmer


The Lavany® Wax Warmer is suitable for all types of hair removal waxes as well as other therapeutic waxes. It supports a wide range of temperatures from 86 °F-275 °F (30 °C to 135 °C). Lavany also provides a host of accessories including four 100 g bags of depilatory wax and five wax applicator sticks, to ensure you can enjoy a professional wax right out of the box. The provided paraffin wax is enriched with rose essence and lightly scented with a refreshing fragrance. It helps to moisturize and renew your skin. Save money and time, without sacrificing quality, and enjoy a salon grade waxing with Lavany.

Key Features


Power rating: 265 W

External size: 30.2 cm × 23.2 cm × 13.7 cm

Capacity: 2,000 ml

Maximum temperature: 158 °F/70 °C

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