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LAVANY® Professional Oral Irrigator


The Lavany® Oral Irrigator is designed to go where traditional floss cannot. Up to seven nozzles can be stored thanks to its newly designed storage options, also it is designed with a large 600 ml reservoir, so you won’t need to constantly refill the water. With 10 different water pressures from a gentle massage to a strong blast, simply slide the on/off button on the handle to begin or halt water flow. In addition, It’s a perfect set for a whole family with the 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner.

Key Features


Power: 18 W

Water capacity: 600 ml

Water pressure: 30-120 psi

Motor speed: 1,250-1,700 rpm

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