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LAVANY®Oral Irrigator


The Lavany® Oral Irrigator is designed to remove bacteria and plaque as your personal dentist. To ensure that each nozzle is clean after every use, the device features a reliable UV sanitizer. Also with a 600 ml capacity, you don’t need to refill water over and over. This device supports two modes including normal and massage mode. Built with 10 different water pressures, you can choose the right setting for you. simply slide the on/off button on the handle to begin or stop the water flow. With 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner, it’s a perfect set for the whole family.

Key Features


Water capacity: 600 ml

Product size: 186 mm × 119 mm × 226 mm

Weight: 866 g

Water pressure: 30-125 psi

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